June 26, 2006


I will update. I will update. I will update. Racing my bike one, two, three times per week. Watched the F1 cars for a few hours - holy shit. The balloon is airborne and everything seems to be go. Lisa's life is in order so that puts my life on track (good). 40 days. Back in Vancouver in a month. I will update. I will update. I will update.

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Police in Athens during the Parlympics.

February 05, 2006


I spend so much time staring at my heart rate that I decided I wanted to have a more detailed look at it. I came across a couple of interesting websites describing little projects that people had done to produce their own ECGs. Some of these people had some crazy motivations, but mine was mainly because it was Sunday, it was raining, and I was bored. Now, any doctor-types or electrical-engineer-types out there are going to laugh wildly at the complete hack-job I did of this and I must also more...

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