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February 28, 2005

My Trip to Montreal

Hello All,

I am the worst blogger ever, but that's about to change. My life has been a little hectic this past week or so, and I have oh so much to tell.

First of all, I've recently returned from MONTREAL, the city of snow and shopping and my dreamy boyfriend. He wasn't too keen on the shopping though, so I had to keep it to a minimum. I really liked looking at shoes, but they were so expensive (and cute!). Here are the ones i liked, they also came in blue and green and yellow!

aren't they soooo pretty?

Ok, well that wasn't the only thing that we did in Montreal. We also went to the EXPODIUM (bike show) and met with my new sponsor Jean Guillemette of AdventureBound (the title sponsor of our team this year). The bike (Isaac Force)I'll be riding is so pretty, I can't wait! Alistair was a bit disappointed that the formula for force was written wrong on the bike, but to me it doesn't take away from it's pretty-ness. There were a lot of crazy bikes there, including this one:

check out the price!

We did some good eating, Indian food with Nick and his Lisa, and Malcolm and his Kate. Also some good coffee, yummy breakfasts and Tim Hortons (roll up the rim is now on! Sadly, it's not exam time for me!!).

Other highlights included:
-Weights at underfunded McGill Gym
-Spin Class with McGill cycling team
-Jeans Jeans Jeans (where we learned that 'Seven' had been bought by 'Guess' (GASP!)
-Coffee and Interview prep at many a coffee shop
-Chillin' at Erin's Montreal digs
-Chocolate Creme Brulee at Cocagne (Alistair's Birthday Dinner)

Here are some more photos of montreal!

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February 12, 2005

My First Website

Hello Hello... testing 1, 2, 3... is this thing on?

Ahoy friends et. al.!

So, I've decided for various reasons to have a little website to call my own. Here is my list of reasons:

1) I feel left out because everyone else has one
2) I need a better way to waste time than watching re-runs of "The Cosby Show" (as great as it is)
3) I feel that my opinions are worth sending into cyberspace for the masses to read... (i.e. I want to rate things. Ratings are fun)
4) I think that people might actually want a cheap and easy way to know what I am doing (I have a history of being the worst correspondant ever)
5) I will be away from beautiful BC in the summer, and that is definitely cause for a website

So, that's all the reasons that I can think of for now. Feel free to make suggestions. What can I use this webspace for?

bikin' in the snow is an adventure... indeed!

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