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April 21, 2005

Solemate Adventure!

Hello all,

Well finally something worth posting about has happened. Yesterday, I went into Ft Langley for coffee with my friend Kathy, for my belated birthday gift (the coffee was to atone for her forgetting my birthday). Anyhow, after we had finished, we decided to go for a little walk around town. While we were walking, we came across a shoe with this tag attached to it:

solemate clue.jpg
Oooh, the adventure begins!

There was also an invitation to a shoe show, which I unfortunately will be unable to attend, due to bike racing:

showshow invitation.jpg
I can't believe I'm missing a shoe show!

So, we decided to look for the solemate of the mystery shoe. While we were exploring the town, we came across many other shoes with similar tags, most of which were in the stores, that had locked up for the night.

Luckily, because of my uncanny knack for shoe observation, I spotted two similar (though painted differently) Doc Martin boots. Upon closer inspection, I verified that they were indeed solemates!!!! We rescued them, and now they are in Kathy's posession. She will be going to the shoe show on Sunday to claim my art. It turned out to be a fantastic birthday present which definitely made up for her forgetting my birthday!


These are obviously the shoes of the post. Rescued from some posts in Fort Langley, the two 'solemates' have been reunited, and will be returned in exchange for art! (I hope we're allowed to keep them, they fit my mum perfectly!)

Solemates, reunited at last!

kathy with solemates.jpg

me and solemates.jpg

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