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July 06, 2005

Bikin' bikin' bikin'

Sorry to all of those who have been waiting with 'bated breath' (sandra) for my newest update. Sadly, my life hasn't been all that exciting, mostly involving bikin' (hence the title of the post).


Cow Town (Calgary, the most giant suburb of Canada) site of the National Track Championships. Due to the flooding of the previous weeks, there was a very intense infestation of mosquitos. I HATE MOSQUITOS.

Despite the mosquitos, the racing went well, and I even medaled in the pursuit, which was pretty unexpected. Here are some photos of the racing:

me leading in the scratch race

suffering in the pursuit


Now I am in Kamloops, getting ready for the National Road Championships. The weather is good, and there are way fewer bugs, so I'm happy. Last year it was 45 degrees here and the normally cool breeze that we all enjoy while bikin' felt like a hair dryer in the face (and not on the 'Cool' setting either). I'm riding for the Atlantic Canada Cycling Centre, which is funny b/c I've never been to Atlantic Canada.

Stay tuned for more info later...

... and more bikin'!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank OLN for providing me with enjoyable programming for the month of July. In the vain of Sandra's favorite site (Le Tour Delicieux) I'd also like to call attention to the extreme hotness of many of the bikers (Basso, Boonen, Ulrich) of the Tour. Rrrrow. Sadly I'm usually too drowsy at 6am to fully appreciate their hotness.


And now.... the shoes you've all been waiting for. I went to GRAVITY POPE in Calgary, and both of the shoes featured last post were there! Also, these shoes (see below) are the exact shoes that I've been looking for for the past 3 years. Sadly, I have no disposable income ($235) to spend on these shoes. The yellow ones are also cute (and on sale!).

...the shoes of my dreams (I would prefer if they were matching though)


...just cute!

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