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October 08, 2007

Finished Object - Alice Cardigan

Done. I'm happy to say I beat the one year mark.

cat no cat no cat no cat.jpg
Alice Cardigan by Kim Hargreave from Rowan 35

sweater cat not wanting to be on sweater or be a sweater cat.jpg

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Thanksgiving - Good Food, Good Friends

My first turkey was just perfect!

The spread

Alistair finished his heaping serving!

The bird is currently sizzling in the pot for soup. Hooray for Thanksgiving!

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October 03, 2007

My First Design (Finished Object!)

Here they are - I'll call them 'Blood and Lymphatics Cabled Mittens' because I knit them during our Blood and Lymphatics block. My very own pattern, and I'm quite proud. I have long and skinny hands, so these may be the only mittens that have ever fit me quite right.


here is some detail...


me with my mittens:


Knit on 5mm needles, using Zermatt Wool (graciously donated by Sandra).

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