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November 07, 2004

Long overdue update from Lima....

OK! Here is a long overdue update from Lima. We have been very negligent with our updates. It is a combination of pure laziness and the fact that we have settled into a 'normal' routine. I have also been reluctant to flash my camera about and so I have not taken very many pictures (and the ones taken are crap). SO, we are initiating an experiement with this post: embedded images! We'll see how it works out.

Since the last update, I have been taking daily spanish courses. They are going well. My french is helping out quite a bit and I think that by the time we leave, I will be able to just get by. I am doing most of my learning in the hallways before and after class with local students who are learning english in neighbouring classrooms. They seem to really want to learn english and they are happy to help me out a bit.

Lisa had a conversation with Jeff the other day that revolved around food. These two photos are a great example of the food we eat for lunch every day. Lunch is the major meal which we usually have at Rebecca's. We usually only have some sandwiches or something at night.

This first one is a tuna and potato combination. It is awesome.


Chicken and rice is by far the most common meal eaten here. I'd say 90% of the dishes we eat revolve around those two. The chicken is usually spiced up and the rice is sometimes fried with vegetables and stuff. It's also not uncommon to have potatoes and rice in the same meal.


Yo there, Lisa here (this site will now be accessible to the visually impaired. I am identifying myself when I am talking! Uh, this is a photo of the market (photos, so much for being accessible). This market is a home items market mostly. Inside it is all food. There are sections for meat, fruit, veggies etc. Everyone has their own little stands. Things are C-H-E-A-P!!! Fruit especially is soooo cheap I can't get over it. I could eat mangoes and strawberries all day everyday. Mmmmm. It's only arounf $0.60 for a kilo, so the only worry is getting a icky tummy. I've been very careful about washing my fruit.


The outside part of the market has all sorts of shops, most of which are home stuff like cleaning supplies, and dishes etc. There are many stores that sell the same things, capitalism at its best really. The other thing there are lots of are DVDs. Yeah, we've developed a pretty good relationship with our DVD sales-guy. He's very friendly and gives us a good price.

So, apparently that's the end of the photos. Life here has started to become a little more routine, which is good. The plan is to head to Ica (and Huacanchina based on advice from S & J) and do some sandboardhing in the desert. Woooeee.

The volunteering is going really well so far. The other day we went to a barrio to give a workshop to a school there about HIV/AIDS. It's crazy how little people know about it here. Also the school library , where we held the workshop, had two tables and ~5 bookshelves full of outdated history texts and encyclopedias. N'aer a computer to be seen. The next big thing coming up is an outing to a special park with the little boys and their dads. It should be fun, I've been coming up with all kinds of games to play with them. If anyone (Jeanine, Kris) has any good suggestions for games, pipe up!! The last time was with the kids I taught them all to make paper cranes. The crafts that the leader people want them to do are pretty lame, so I tried to spice it up a little.

As for the bikin', there has been quite some controversy for me to be able to go out riding. Everyone is afraid that I will either a) be kidnapped, or b) be squished by a car. I think the plan now is to go back to the bike shop and arrange for Jose to ride out with me to the meeting place. Alistair is totally against me riding outside, so we'll see how it goes (read the previous posts about the traffic here and you'll see why). Ok that's all for me, I'll give you back to Alistair now. HASTA LUEGO!!

OK - you people owe us both some e-mails now.

Posted by Alistair Howard at November 7, 2004 11:57 AM


That was a very informative update. I like the potatoe/tuna dish. So they just mix the two together and bake it? Then a boiled egg on top?

Your nephew had a very cute pumpkin. And the money looks cool...who's the pilot on the 10-note bill? And did you buy all those DVDs, and are they bootlegs or what, and how much do they cost? You will need a whole suitcase to bring your collection back.


Posted by: Jeff Werner at November 7, 2004 01:49 AM

Hola Jeremy! Eres muy guapo!

Posted by: Sandra at November 10, 2004 11:40 AM