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September 14, 2005

Livin' sans bikin'

Hello again

As some of you might know, I've been doing some volunteering with senior citizens, in both a hospital and a community centre. I'm quite enjoying this work, and it's becoming more rewarding as i get to know them better and they become more used to having me around. There are definitely some interesting characters, including the man that is constantly trying to escape, and the woman that is addicted to 'As The World Turns' and won't come to any of our activities if they are scheduled when it's aired "I've been watching it for forty years!". All in all though, it's a blast. It's also interesting to note the ability differences between those who are living in the hospital and the seniors that I meet at the community centre.

I also just returned from another trip to Europe (all expenses paid baby) to do some more bike racin'. It was definitely hard racing, and there's definitely a lot of work for me to do to get to that level - but I know it's something I can eventually reach. The trip was a blast, the girls were great and the accomodations were peachy. Bikin' in the small farm roads of Normandy - the place seems to have been designed especially for road riding - FANTASTIC. Anyhow here are some photos.


We got to tour the AG2R team bus - here's the best part!

arc de triomphe.JPG

Me at the Arc de Triomphe - I drove around the roundabout in a minibus!

harry wp.JPG

The wallpaper in the bathroom was HARRY POTTER!

In other news...

I also wanted to mention that Alistair alluded to some big news on his website - so I thought I'd post this photo as a pretty obvious hint. Speculate away...

smaller ring.JPG

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