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November 01, 2005

K to the N to the I to the T!

Since I've been in Montreal, I've often been asked the question "What do you do all day?".

Well, it's true that since I got back from Europe that it's been the off season (i.e. time to try to avoid getting fat). Besides volunteering most afternoons (and sometimes full days), I've been keeping myself occupied in various ways.


We've recently acquired a crockpot. I love it. It's great to throw stuff into the pot in the morning and end up with a delicious feast! I especially enjoy this hamburger barley soup


I love my crockpot


I've also spent this time honing my baking skills. I recently partook in COOKIESTRAVAGANZA 2005 which is essentially a fancy way to say "I baked a lot". The hospital was having a bazaar and I had agreed to do some baking. I baked double batches of many yummy cookies - and froze half for safe keeping (i.e. not in my tummy). My personal favorite is spicy hermits. Mmmmm.


Cookie cookie cookie starts with C!

... and last but not least...

#3 Knitting

I have been knitting up a storm lately, especially for the bazaar. I think that Alistair is a little concerned that I'm turning into his mother, but I think that's mostly good anyway. I'll let her keep the job of making fantabulous jam (it's really good, REALLY). And so, without further ado:


(I'm also working on a sweater and a pair of socks right now, but this is only the finished stuff)

OK, and lastly:


I finally bought a pair of these after coveting them in the window all summer. YAY! (alistair thinks they look like clown shoes)


Oh and also I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate my sister on officially becoming a lawyer. Jenny, you may be a lawyer, but you still smell like monkey bums. Congrats!

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