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January 17, 2006

Colorado Premier Training - Colnago: Training Camp

Hello Friends,

It is indeed time for another bi-yearly update. I actually have news this time - I am no longer a jobless, teamless housewife, so you can all stop giving me grief about it (mind you, sewing has now been added to knitting as one of my ever-increasing domestic skills).

Here is a list of things that I now have:

A Job: UVIC Biochemistry part-time lab assistant

25 hours a week, whenever I want - fits perfectly with training

A Team: CPT-Colnago Professional Women's Cycling Team
Perfect Calendar of NRC's, including the Women's Prestige Seriens and the Montreal World Cup and Tour

A Sewing Machine: A nice new Janome Machine
I'm sewing a coat as my first project (I know, I like to bite off more than I can chew.

Okay - here's what you all want to know about:



I've just returned from Boulder, CO - the home of the CPT-Colnago Team - where we had our training camp and launch of a new team. The website will be launched shortly - please peruse at will.

It was awesome to finally meet the girls I will be racing with next year. They are all great girls; a good mix of personality types that I'm sure will make for a good team bond. With regards to skill on the bike - it's an amazingly well rounded team. Every strength required to win bike races is there. I'm confident that we will be a force to be reckoned with on the circuit next year.

Boulder is an awesome place to ride. It's a lot like Calgary, but the hills are closer. We had warm weather, and beautiful terrain.

Have I mentionned the bikes?

Colnago E1 Carbons with a mixture of Campy Record and Chorus:

bikes on rack.JPG


Trialtir USA is one of the main sponsors of the team, and has outfitted us with a beautiful Biemme kit, LAS helmets, and Northwave shoes:

The Team Riding in Boulder:


we look pro!

It was really great to be able to meet all the sponsors and learn about the products we will be using this season. We are an extremely well equipped team. Extremely.... Well... Equipped (COLNAGO COLNAGO COLNAGO).

I'm now super motivated to continue training (in the rain) for the season ahead. I can't wait to start racing!!

Other sponsors of note include:
Colorado Premier Training
Carboom Energy Gels
Sports Express
Challenge Tires
Xpedo Pedals
Xero Wheels
Rudy Project
Boulder Sports Botanicals

And Now - Shoes of the Post!

Our new peachy Northwave shoes - Top of the line, carbon sole! Check out the air vents - woooosh!

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